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....WETEX 2019, Dubai, Arabiemiraatit..WETEX 2019, Dubai, UAE....
to Oct 23

....WETEX 2019, Dubai, Arabiemiraatit..WETEX 2019, Dubai, UAE....

The 21st Edition of Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition

Over 20 years, WETEX has positioned itself as one of the largest global exhibitions in the water, environment, and energy sectors.

Statistics (2018):
- 35 000 visitors from 80 countries
- 2100 exhibitors from 53 countries

Electrical Equipment | Power Generation Machines | Renewable Energy | Water Technologies | Consultancy Services | Engineering Services | Smart Technology | Pumps | Contracting Services | Telecom | IT | Innovation | Environment Conservation | Marine Solutions | Cranes | Air System | Blowers | Vacuum | Control & Automation | Safety-Fire Fighting | Fire Protection | Waste Management | Green Building Solutions

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More information:

Emma Nurmela
tel. +358 40 9001 006

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....World Energy Congress & Exhibition 2019, Abu Dhabi..World Energy Congress & Exhibition 2019, Abu Dhabi....
to Sep 12

....World Energy Congress & Exhibition 2019, Abu Dhabi..World Energy Congress & Exhibition 2019, Abu Dhabi....

24th World Energy Congress & Exhibition

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

 World´s largest , longest-running and most influential energy event covering all aspects of the energy agenda.

Be at the heart of everything energy and get global visibility.

Be where your customers are
Meet key decision makers, VIPs, end users, and industry experts; and thrive in an environment that is perfect for sharing your products and services to the right people and true decision makers.

Exhibition Sectors

* Oil and Gas * Resources * Renewables * Power Generation * Hydropower

* E-Mobility * Nuclear * Energy Storage * Infrastructure * Grid Technology

* Technology & Innovation * Finance * Consultancy and other Support Services

2500 exhibitors

7000 trade visitors

15 000 attendees

4000 delegates

600 media

500 CEOS

70 ministers

At this exhibition Arvelin assist your company in participating. We provide national joint stand and individual design booths.

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More information :

Sanna Jokinen

tel. 040 9001 007

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....RENWEX 2019, Moskova, Venäjä..RENWEX 2019, Moscow, Russia....
to Jun 20

....RENWEX 2019, Moskova, Venäjä..RENWEX 2019, Moscow, Russia....

This trade fair will promote the use of renewable energy resources in the Russian energy sector by giving market actors access to advanced technologies and equipment.
Renwex is going to be a highly effective communication platform for discussing and solving relevant problems of the industry in a dialogue between business, authorities and society.
This exhibition will be supported by EUROSOLAR Association and will be held under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Wind power

  • planning and development of projects

  • manufacturers of wind turbines

  • suppliers of equipment and components

  • advanced materials, composites, raw and other materials and their processing

  • installation

  • operation and maintenance

  • energy storage

Solar power

  • Solar cells and modules

  • Components (cables, plugs, switch boxes, etc.)

  • Mounting systems and equipment

  • Solar tracking systems (trackers)

  • Technology, equipment, raw materials for production of solar panels, modules and films

  • Integrated systems for buildings and structures

  • Software

  • Solar thermal collectors and plants

  • Heat pumps


  • hydropower equipment (hydro turbines and generators)

  • hydro-mechanical equipment (gates, trash racks, lift systems, etc.)

  • electrical equipment (step-up transformers, switching equipment, etc.)

  • planning and development of projects

  • small hydropower

Bioenergy, biogas and solid biofuel

Geothermal energy

Solid household waste as a renewable energy source

  • Sorting of household waste

  • Incineration of solid household waste as a way to obtain energy resources

  • Low temperature pyrolysis

  • High temperature pyrolysis

Network infrastructure and solutions for renewable energy integration

Energy and resource saving technologies. Industrial energy efficiency

Electric transport and electric cars

  • Electric buses

  • Electromobiles

  • Electric cars for different purposes

  • Personal mobile electric vehicles (electric scooters, motor scooters, bicycles and self-balancing scooters)

  • Charging infrastructure for electric transport

Measuring and control equipment and systems, automated process control systems

Safety of energy facilities and environment protection

Investments, finances, insurance

Exhibition Remwex will be organized for the first time in 2019 and will be held in June at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

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More information:
Sanna Jokinen
tel. +358 40 9001 007

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